Is Justin Bieber turning into an A-Class Douche?

So as you all probably know, Mr bieber has had a not so good time in England but with every event that has happened, Justin has had a comeback argument to defend himself, but really….

Who’s fault is it? is Justin really the victim in this taboo tragedy, or is it himself he has to blame?

In my opinion, i think Mr bieber has some of that weed stuck to far up his asshole, and this is coming from a belieber herself. I may very well get attacked by fans who disagree with the usual:

‘your not a belieber, your a fan, beliebers always stick with Justin!’

Well then lovies, i guess i just am a fan, a fan who knows when her ‘inspiration’ needs a good whooping, because right now, justin’s going down the slippery path to the level of Lindsay lohen, and Britney spears, so watch out Justin, it’s a long way down from the top…to the bottom of my shoes.

Why don’t we recall all the Major events that happened during Justin’s stay shall we?

1. Justin was asked to leave a prestigious London night club, because some of his ‘crew’ members were underaged, much like 14-year-old Jaden Smith.

This happened during the night of his 19th birthay, which then justin said, was the ‘Worst birthday’ ever. Well sorry, let’s all bow our heads and cry, because the laws wouldn’t bend their arms to suit the needs a Justin.

2. Justin then had a clash with the papparazi right after that, who were calling him a ‘douche’ for prancing around london like this.



As much as i, along with the other beliebers may have enjoyed this, it’s common courtesy to wear a shirt when you waltz into the public eye.

‘He may have been hot.’ said the unfortunate fan who tried to defend him. Oh please sweetheart, it’s england, the only sun we see here is a newspaper.

3. Justin was then booed by fans when he was 2 hours late for an 02 performance  on the first night! Justin then didn’t apologize to the many fans who had to leave early after spending money on expensive tickets, and those who were now stranded because they had stayed to long until the next day. classy Justin, real classy. Justin then claimed he was only 43 minutes late, and defended himself instead of giving a heart felt apology.

Those tickets ain’t cheap love, and most of us fans have school or college, once again, get your weed out ya arse. 

Don’t worry though, livid fans and parents gave him a piece of their mind! Justin may have lost hundreds of fans during this trip, i’m not even so keen on him anymore..and that’s saying something.

4. The show after that, he collapsed! karma’s a bitch isn’t it biebs, but don’t you guys worry he seemed perfectly fine when posting this shirtless picture of him in hospital.


5. Wait this is the best one that i bet you guys didn’t know?

Whilst the biebs was in hospital, his so called friend lil-twist, who is much to obviously using him for his flashy cars, crashed his $100,000 Frisker Karma and then ran from the scene with his tail between his legs. Why are you here again twist?

And then Last but not least the paparazzi blow up!

Justin hit a rough patch with one of england’s paparazzi who mad comments like, ‘go back to america you little c****’

Keep in mind this man was twice as big as Justin, who was saying things like ‘what you say? i’ll f*** you up man.’ 

Are you crazy justin? Phil Mitchell would turn you inside out if it wasn’t for those bodyguards of yours! don’t pick fights with men, when your still just a boy in many ways.

Here’s the video

Justin also threatened to ‘never come back’ to the uk, just remember Bieber, your UK fans help put you were you are, don’t punish them for something YOU got yourself into.

So guys do you think Justin’s turned into a bad boy? or has just had a rough patch? not to mention the fact that he was caught smoking weed in holland this week!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, i’ll let you know all about that tommorow!

Much love

Jayjay oxox


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